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Simplify complex real estate transactions

Selling a commercial or residential property? Looking to complete paperwork to purchase a lot, office space, or residence? Real estate transactions can be complex and risky if you aren't fully informed on your rights as a buyer or seller. Look to Fred Schaeffer, Esq. to assist in making sense of all the paperwork. He is here to help you.

Don't let your property division go to probate. Losing you will be hard enough on your friends and family. Be sure that your property and possessions are divided in a manner in which you'd be comfortable with. Fred Schaeffer, Attorney at Law will help in composing

your living will or trust.

Take care of your loved ones even after you're gone

Are you finally starting the business you always wanted to? You know your product and your clientele. What you may not know are all the legal responsibilities and tax situations that arise for any business owner. Come to Fred Schaeffer, Esq. for all the help you need to

ensure your business's success.

Let us take care of the details of your start up

Past President of the Dutchess County Bar Association and past chairman of the Walkway Over the Hudson organization.

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